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We have a wide range of kits that are available for purchase. One example is the Titanium Dual Coil Concentrate Dome Kit. This kit was created for concentrated oil application. If you want to buy a kit that has a heating coil that was made using impressive grade 2 titanium, this product may indeed catch your attention.

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Our company Wulf Mods is a renowned vaporizer business that operates out of scenic Southern California. Our head office is located in Corona, which is a pleasant Riverside County city. People who are looking for replacement elements for vaporizers often shop with us. People who are looking for popular vaporizers often do the same. We're a big supplier of some of the most respected wholesale vaporizer options around these days.

Titanium is a type of chemical element. This kit is convenient because it's essentially the same as other 510 thread units that are out there. It's also convenient due to its user-friendly heating setup, which is centered around dual coils. This kit is among our newest offerings. That's why it has had some buzz as of late. 

The Titanium Dual Coil Concentrate Dome Kit has a glass dome that's entirely transparent. If you own a vape pen and wish to use it for all of your concentrated essential oil needs, this kit may be able to come in extremely handy for you. Its dome is great because it can accommodate a lot of vapor all at once. If you want your glass dome to hold a lot of vapor prior to your draws, this product may be a big asset for you.

People should always review product sizes prior to completing their purchases. This dome kit's outer diameter is 1/2 of an inch. It's 2 and 3/8th of an inch long as well. If you're shopping for a trustworthy accessory that can be used alongside vape pens that have 510 thread patterns, this kit may be a strong option for you.

If you own a nice 510 thread pattern vaporizer, you may want to seriously contemplate purchasing this kit from us. The kit is compatible with both the Exxus V2, to be clear. It's crucial for people to be aware of the fact that the kit is also in many ways the same as several other kits.

If you want to use this dome kit, you don't have to take care of any preparation matters. This kit is easy as pie. Just take your existing mouthpiece or heating chamber out and put your new kit in. The process is truly as basic and hassle-free as that. It won't require much of your time at all, and that's the sheer beauty of it all.

Strong customer service is invaluable to the staff here at Wulf Mods. Our employees work hard to give our customers the best products possible. They also work hard to give all of our customers fine purchase experiences. People who want to learn more about our kits can contact us via email or telephone.

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    Far and away the best product I have tried in this marketm

    Consistent performance. Huge vapor pulls to rival any traditional method. I went through a half dozen rigs before finding the Wulf Dual Coil.I need look no further this is the one.

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    This is by far the best attachment for wax or oils on the market today. It's made very well and works like a charm! Thank you for a really great product.

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  • 1 of 1 people found the following review helpful

    Great product/Not so great price.

    Great product. I utilize it all the time for my "concentrates". . .I recommend buying from your local vape store though, because their prices are $20-30 cheaper + no shipping fees. All in all, great merchandise.

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