Wulf Maxx 18650 40 amp 2500 mAh Battery


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Getting a new set of MAXX 18650 Hybrid IMR Battery by Wulf Mods ensures that you have a good set of replacement batteries always on hand. The fact is, not all batteries are created equal.

Product Description

When you purchase off-the-shelf generic batteries, there is no guarantee that they will last as long or work as effectively as brand name batteries. By purchasing our batteries, you can trust that you're getting a set of high-quality batteries that are built to last and not cause damage to your vaporizer.

Aftermarket batteries are cheap for a reason, and they aren't worth the risk when it comes to the reliability and performance quality of your vaporizer. The truth is that aftermarket batteries may not last as long, but that's actually a best case scenario. When you purchase generic batteries, you're buying a battery where the manufacturer had to take certain shortcuts to make them more affordable. Cheap batteries have been known to catch fire, explode or corrode the battery compartments of otherwise reliable electronics. 

It's also very easy to purchase a counterfeit battery with the Wulf Mods logo on it if you're not careful. Purchasing your batteries directly from our shop ensures that you're getting what you paid for, and it helps to make certain your vaping sessions aren't affected by inferior quality items. The batteries manufactured by Wulf Mods use li-ion cells to enhance the life and functionality of your unit. Batteries can result in a dangerous situation when they are used incorrectly, overcharged and pushed past their limits.

IMR batteries consist of three main parts, including the cathode, anode and the electrolyte. Anodes are the essentially the same in all types of li-ion batteries, but the cathode differs depending on the type of battery used. Essentially, there are two types of li-ion batteries. The IMR type doesn't hold the same level of charge as the ICR battery. Nickel and manganese are added to the IMR, which gives it an overall higher specific energy.

The reason you want to go with an IMR battery in a vaping unit is because the manganese that is included in the IMR battery allows the battery to discharge at a very high current. They accomplish this while maintaining a low temperature, which greatly reduces the chance of a battery malfunctioning. The problem with IMR batteries is that they don't always include built-in protective circuitry to detect when the temperature is getting too high. While this might be okay for certain low-heat electronics, this could be a disaster with a vaporizer. 

Wulf Mods IMR batteries use an environmentally-friendly construction, but they also have built-in short circuit protection. This is what makes our IMR battery the best option for your vaporizer. It's designed with the specific heat characteristics of your vaporizer in mind. While other batteries may fit, charge and turn on your device, you can't know what's really going on internally. This makes choosing a generic battery a risky option for both the integrity of your vaporizer and you.

This particular battery has a special element added to it that makes it a hybrid. The nickel added to the battery is not typically found in an IMR battery. By adding nickel, it combines the safety and low resistance that comes from manganese with the high energy of nickel. The chemistry of this battery is highly stable, so you don't have to worry about built-in protective circuits. These batteries are specifically designed to meet the requirements for a variety of vaporizers. They will work in any Wulf Mods unit that takes 18650 batteries. Of course, you should always practice proper battery safety to ensure you don't put yourself and your vaporizer at risk.

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    Great battery!

    I picked up two of these batteries at ECC Vegas 2016, I think I bought the last two they had, needless to say I am very satisfied, best 18650's I've bought yet, I plan on buying more soon.

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    They are still out of stock so idk

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