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The Quartz Dual Coil Dome Atomizer by Wulf Mods comes in a pack of three atomizers to ensure you're never stuck without the equipment necessary to enjoy your vaping sessions. The atomizers are made from high-quality materials that are designed to keep up with the most demanding needs.

Product Description

You'll enjoy an even temperature and good flavor quality by using these exceptional heaters for your vape. 

The parts are original equipment manufacturer parts, which is important to ensure that your vape continues to function in optimal condition. When you buy generic parts, you end up putting the integrity of your device at risk. Generic parts are designed to fit in as many vape units as possible, which can result in reduced efficiency and over time. It can prematurely wear down your vape. By using only OEM parts, you're able to ensure that your vape sessions are getting their full potential and meeting the exacting standards set out by the manufacturer. After all, you purchased a Wulf Mods product because of the reliability and reputation of the brand, so it doesn't make sense to replace your device with cheap, generic parts.

One of the nice features of this product is that it comes with three atomizers. This provides you with additional convenience since you won't need to order additional atomizers. When you're down to your last atomizer, simply order another set to ensure you always have replacement parts available for your unit. You'll be able to benefit from our convenient online shipping, and you can keep your stock of atomizers and replacement parts full at all times. These atomizers are interchangeable, and they are designed to work exceptionally well with concentrates.

Each of the atomizers includes a double coil for additional reliability, and the units measure 7/8-inch long with a 3/80-inch diameter. The atomizer is simply to attach, and you can easily replace it with your original base. These vapes provide an elegant look to your vape, and the gold-colored trim will help your vape stand out from the crowd. The polished metal is high-quality, and it will give you outstanding performance for your money. 

To use the atomizer, simply remove the glass dome or mouthpiece from the Wulf Mods base. Once you've removed the part, unscrew the atomizer and place your new atomizer in its place. These atomizers are designed to be replaced quickly and easily, and it's a good way to ensure that you're able to keep concentrates from mingling and mixing. With more than one replacement atomizer, you can change your concentrates and keep your flavors fresh and pure.

Most atomizers are made with either quartz or ceramic materials. Quartz is ideal when you want to create a highly efficient environment for the recirculation of your concentrates. They result in maximum efficiency and will help you get the most out of your concentrates. You'll also generally notice that a quartz atomizer will get a bit hotter than the ceramic. This can be useful for some of your hardier concentrates, and when you want to maximize your battery life. You'll find that with a quartz atomizer, the unit still remains hot enough after it's turned off. This facilitates the ability to take a second hit. Additionally, you'll get a harder hit by using a quartz atomizer. 

For the vaper who wants to get a lot of flavor from their concentrates, a quartz atomizer is a fantastic option. If you don't like the extra heat generated by a quartz atomizer, you can always run your vape on a lower voltage to get an effect that is similar to ceramic.

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    Excellent product

    I am impressed by the products longevity, ease of replacement and economical cost. I'm recommending it to all my firends.

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    Great product

    They work great and last a good amount of time. Ive used multiple different kinds and these are some of the best for the price highly recomended

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    Best Buy For The Buck !

    "Used mine every day for a year or more !"..."The amount of concentrates used by only one device over the time," ... "Tells me i have a keeper !!!"

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