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Replacement Batteries

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  • 18500 IMR Battery by Wulf Mods

    If you want to enjoy a pleasant vaping session, you need to make sure before you do anything that you're equipped with the right batteries. Thankfully, Wulf Mods is a reputable vaping product brand that specializes in many replacement batteries that are appropriate for a wide range of mechanical mods.

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  • 18350 IMR Battery by Wulf Mods

    Choosing the right type of battery for your vaporizer is extremely important. The Wulf Mod batteries are available in 18350, 18500 and 18650 options. The number refers to the size of the battery, and you can't use an 18650 battery in a unit that only takes 18350 batteries.

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Replacement Batteries by Wulf Mods

The number of people using vaporizers seems to increase with each passing day. Using one outside your favorite bar or even while on a break from work gives you the chance to meet and greet with others and maybe even make some new friends at the same time. No matter which type of vaporizer you decide on, you need to give some thought to replacement batteries. The batteries that come in most designs will only last for a set period of time. While you might find some designs that use rechargeable batteries, many of the top designs rely on more traditional batteries that you will need to replace every few months or so.

Here at Wulf Mods, we believe in giving you everything you need to vape your heart out, including replacement coils and other parts. We offer one of the largest selections of replacement batteries for vaporizers on the web and make it easy for you to find exactly the right battery for your vaporizer. Browse our selection to get an idea of what batteries we have available before you start shopping. If you have any questions, or you just aren't sure which battery will work in your vaporizer, contact one of our reps for help.

One of the easiest ways to find out which type of battery you need is with a look at your vaporizer. If you were smart and saved the user guide that came with your device, you should see information inside that tells you what battery it requires. You can also take the battery out of your vaporizer and look on the side for details regarding the name or type of battery you need. Most of the batteries used in vaporizers today are either an 18650, 18500 or 18350. The size may relate to the overall size of the vaporizer too. Most of the larger models use a battery with more power.

Some of our more popular options are our hybrid batteries. These batteries are great for use in modded vaporizers and work with the kits that we offer too. Instead of putting the battery inside the tank and then connecting other components to it, you attach the tank directly to the battery itself. These batteries can last as long as your tank does or even longer. The only possible downside is that some users find that these batteries require regular cleaning. You'll need to take the tank apart, remove the battery and clean the connections at each end. Oils from the tank can easily spill onto those ends and corrode the battery.

When you need a replacement battery for a standard vaporizer that you bought from our site, you'll find that we offer multiple batteries designed for those models. All of our batteries are durable and dependable enough for you in your vaporizer and will provide you with hours or even days of use. Shop the site to find replacement batteries for traditional or standard vaporizers and batteries that work in our modded vaporizer kits.