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Sub Ohm Tanks

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  • Wulf Plus Sub Tank by Wulf Mods

    Wulf Mods is a premium vaping company with a simple mission: to create the world's finest vaping products. We take months to develop and produce each one of our superior products.


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  • Wulf Plus Sub Tank Coils 5 pk by Wulf Mods

    Throughout the vaping community, Wulf Mods has become synonymous with superior products at competitive prices. You won't find a better deal than the Wulf Plus Sub Tank Coils 5 pk by Wulf Mods.


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  • Temp Control Sub Tank by Wulf Mods

    Enthusiastic vaping fans who want to investigate the finest choices in available sub tanks can jump for joy today. Our company Wulf Mods sells a Temp Control Sub Tank that's ideal for folks who enjoy massive vapor clouds.


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  • Sub Tank Coils 5 pk by Wulf Mods

    Are you starting to experience a burned and bitter taste from your Sub Ohm vape? Has the intense flavor that you've become accustomed to diminished? The culprit could be your coils. A Sub Tank Coils 5 pk by Wulf Mods can quickly have your sub tank working like new. No other component is as important to your Sub Ohm vape as your coils.


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Sub Tanks by Wulf Mods

When vaping first hit the market years ago, who knew it would explode into the huge industry it is today? A vaporizer is a device that vaporizes the active ingredients of plant material. Vaporizers can be used with dry herbal blends as well as liquids, such as e-liquids and concentrated essential oils. Blends have varying nicotine strengths, including some that have no nicotine.

Sub ohm vaping is a hot trend in the vaping world currently. Sub ohm vaping refers to vaping with a level of less than 1.0 Ohms. Vapers prefer sub ohm vaping for a variety of reasons. One is the huge clouds you get from using a sub ohm atomizer. By using more battery power, a substantial amount of vapor is produced with each puff. In addition, the vapor is much warmer due to the atomizer's extra heat. The flavors of sub ohm vaping are also extremely intense because of the large amounts of vapor. People enjoy the overall experience of sub ohm vaping.

The Wulf Mods Plus Sub Ohm tank was designed with advanced vapers in mind. It features temperature control capability and is compatible with all 510 thread mods. The sub ohm tank includes two coils, a .25 Kanthal coil and .1 Nichrome TC coil, so you can blow huge clouds and get great powerful flavor. The sub tank is made with stainless steel and environmentally safe glass tubing. 

The Wulf Mods Temp Control Sub Tank was created by vapers for vapers. The two included coils, a .25 Kanthal coil and a .1 Nichrome TC coil give you the ability to customize your vaping experience. The attractive metallic finish makes the tank sturdy and simple to use. The sub tank produces massive clouds with warm vapor. It is compatible with various box mods. 

All of the sub tank coils from Wulf Mods are made with Japanese organic cotton for optimal flavor and performance. The sub tank coils will fit your sub ohm tank from Wulf Mods perfectly. Signs that the coils need to be replaced include a burnt taste, a gurgling sound coming ftom the sub tank and no or poor vapor production. Change coils regularly for the best performance of your sub ohm tank from Wulf Mods.

Go ahead and join the Wulf Mods family today. If you enjoy sub ohm vaping or want to try something new, you have come to the right place. Wulf Mods strives to create only the finest vaping experiences for their customers. A sub ohm tank and the tank coils from Wulf Mods will give you great vapor with huge clouds that are packed with flavor. Check out all of the vaporizers and accessories in our premium lineup.