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The Titanium Dual Coil Dome Atomizer 3 pk by Wulf Mods includes three units which are designed for use with our popular Titanium Dual Coil Concentrate Dome Kit. These atomizers sit beneath the glass of the dome where they provide efficient heating to produce vapor from your concentrates. Their dual coil structure spreads heat over a large surface area, an important function to preserve taste and vapor volume. Titanium construction provides the maximum length of life and superior heat retention.

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Coils in your Dome Kit are among the most important Wulf Mods Vaporizer replacement parts. On average, coils require replacement about every three weeks depending on how often you vape. If you have begun to experience a burnt, bitter taste or reduced vapor volume, worn coils are likely the reason. These atomizers are easy to replace and the process takes just a few seconds.

Durability and performance are the hallmarks of our Titanium Dual Coil Dome Atomizer 3 pk by Wulf Mods. The Grade 2 Titanium construction of these coil units means that you'll be replacing your coils less often. We also increase the overall economy of the coils by packaging them in packs of three to keep the price low. Those who vape concentrates prize Titanium because it typically lasts longer than other coil architectures, warms up quickly, and retains heat. These things all combine to deliver a more pleasurable experience when vaping concentrates.

Our Dome Kits are some of the most popular Wulf Mods vaporizers. They have been given high ratings and reviews by the vaping community because they perform at an optimum level. The same can be said  for our Wulf Mods replacement coils. We produce them in the same facilities as our Wulf Mods tanks and Wulf Mods batteries, and these are the only OEM parts that we approve for use with your Dome Kit. When you see our logo, you can have confidence that you are getting a combination of value and performance.

Here in California, we're positioned in a hub of vaping culture. We are able to observe first-hand the needs and preferences of the vaping community. Additionally, many of the industry professionals we employ are also vapers. This perspective allows us to create innovative solutions that serve a practical purpose. This is best exemplified by our Dome Kits which allow you to turn virtually any 510-threaded vape pen battery into a rig for concentrates. You can even switch back and forth between concentrates and your favorite e-juices with ease. You might also be interested in our Dab Rig Kit by Wulf Mods, an affordable alternative to a standard dabbing rig.

Every item that we design, from our tanks and mods to our Wulf Mods Rig Vaporizer replacement parts, is backed by a strong customer satisfaction guarantee. If a product you receive is defective on arrival, we'll replace it at no additional charge to you. We'll also do that without giving you a lot of grief. Why? Because we're not just trying to sell you a vaporizer or a part. We're trying to become a trusted, long-term option for all of your vaping needs. Just ask around and you'll quickly discover that our integrity is something we take seriously.

While you are shopping for a Titanium Dual Coil Dome Atomizer 3 pk by Wulf Mods, be sure to take some time and browse our entire selection of tanks, mods, dabbing rigs, and accessories. We even have our own line of designer e-juices called Wulf Brew. If you have a question about these atomizers or any of the other products we offer, please contact us so that one of our friendly staff members can assist you.

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    Great with oil!

    At first, I mainly used these coils with solid extracts, I found this type coil to burn the most complete. Unfortunately they were somewhat more difficult to clean than other types because of the deep ceramic cavity. I wish the intake holes were side/cross drilled as opposed to a single hole directly below the wick, it clogs too easily. Ultimately the trick was to use this type coil strictly with oils. The wick saturates and holds well. The cleaning interval is greatly increased as well. I wish the titanium coil + wick combo was available in the bigger, deeper ceramic/quartz cup. These do spatter a bit. I'll probably frankenstein my next order and make my own, I love how serviceable Wulf's coils are. Price is fair by the way. Local shop is selling these almost $20 for 3 pack...

    Summary: Oil extract = good
    Vertical intake directly below wick = bad
    Serviceable = good
    Spatter = bad

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