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The Wulf Mods Type-C Dome Kit give you additional flexibility in how you use your essential oils. It makes it possible to use vaporization on any 510 thread pattern battery to help you get the most out of your collection.

Product Description

The Type-C Dome Kit is an accessory that no serious vape enthusiasts should be without. It's specifically designed for the use of smoking concentrates and concentrated essential oils. 

The Wulf Mods Type C Dome Kit is an essential component for any vaping toolkit. It's perfectly suited for the beginning or veteran vaper, and it turns your existing vaporizer into a seriously powerful unit that is designed for exceptional flavor and quality. You'll be able to get the most out of each of your vaping sessions with the smart design. Other units tend to have issues with the liquid spilling into the glass, but this unit is designed to prevent that and give you a smooth and enjoyable experience from start to finish. 

The unit is designed to extend the basic functionality for your current 510 threaded vaporizer, and it works to help you get more power from your system. You'll be able to use this device on-demand and no matter where you go. You'll enjoy the cleanest vaping experience possible, and the ability to use any oils, concentrates and waxes make this device a must-have for the serious vaper. 

The device features a high-quality glass cover that comes with a two-piece heating chamber. The chamber is manufactured out of Grade 2 Titanium and ceramic nichrome elements for exceptional durability. The chamber is designed to provide the best possible presentation of your essential oils and concentrates and put them on display without an accidental spill into the glass cover.

If you have a 510 thread pattern vaporizer, this mod will fit your unit. Simply remove the current heating chamber and mouthpiece and replace it with the items that come in this kit. Filling the heating chamber is easy, and all you have to do is remove the glass cover and get take off the top of the heating chamber. Add your oils, re-assemble and you're ready to go. The kit comes with everything you need to get set up, and it also comes with an extra atomizer.

Key highlights of this product include a traditional cartomizer design, a Grade 2 Titanium heating coil and it takes only five seconds to heat up. The nice thing about this unit is that it comes with a two piece chamber that can help you to prevent building up residue on the glass dome. This residue can typically be difficult to clean and remove, but the intelligent design eliminates splashing and messes associated with oils. You'll also get a second heating chamber, so you can quickly switch out the heating chambers when needed. 

The Dome Kit is compatible with a variety of vaporizers, including the Cool Fire 2, SVD, KTS, iTaste 134, Nexxus V2 and more. The unit uses a small and efficient design, and you'll love the ability to discreetly pack this add-on in your bag and take it wit you anywhere. It's a high-quality, durable unit that will make your vaping experience more enjoyable and worthwhile. The kit comes with a Type C Dome Kit and a replacemeent coil to help increase its longevity.

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    Wulfmods deserves an award fir this type c done kit. ..what a smooth, massive hit..and the coils have no problem running the higher voltages...I vape with the "itaste mvp" I'm literally at a loss fir words.....after 7-8 hits

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    Wulf Dome Mod

    This is the first concentrate mod I have bought for my vape pen. I ended up buying two (one for a family member) It worked great. The coils burn out quickly (about one week) but that could be my usage or rough handling. Pretty good quality especially for the price I got it at. I'd say it's worth the buy.

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    Type B mod

    Thought this was a much better addition to my Stok R battery. Bought the Stok r pen and was so disappointed. Added a wolf mod type B to it and I was so happy I bought a cheap battery to go with it and I quit using my Stok pen completely. I wish I had someone who knew something about these and could have talked me into just adding your mod to a battery and saving a few $$. I was lucky and only paid $25 for my wolf mod and $12 for a battery. $37 very well spent. Thanks for the cool new toy guys :)

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