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Vape Wire

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Vape Wire by Wulf Mods

It's hard to walk down the street today without seeing a least a few people using vaporizers on the street. These little devices became so popular over the last few years that everyone from college students to the elderly now use them. While some people stick to the basics and buy an already built vaporizer, others like having fun and customizing their designs with new parts and components. Some of the accessories that you might need to customize your vaporizer include a new atomizer, tank and vape wire. Here at Wulf Mods, we offer Kanthal vape wire in different varieties that customers rate among their favorites. 

Kanthal is great for beginners because it doesn't require any special preparation of your vaporizer ahead of time. We also love that itt's much stronger than some of the other varieties too, which cuts down on the time you spend replacing your wire. With a flat wire, you can actually twist and bend that wire to create the size and shape that you need. This lets you use one ordinary coil for all the vaporizers in your house and even the vaporizers that your friends use. Kanthal provides a smoother flavor than other wires and lets you enjoy the natural flavor of your liquids.

Though vape wire comes in different lengths, we offer wife in 10 foot lengths. All of the wires that you see on our site today come wrapped around a durable little coil. This helps you wrap up the coil when you're done and keep it safe. The next time you need to replace the coils or wires inside your vaporizer, you can simply unroll the amount you need, cut off that length of wire and connect it to your vaporizer. Though prices tend to fluctuate, we usually let you get 10 feet of durable and high quality metal wire for around $10 or less.

The only other things you need to consider is whether you prefer a flat or twisted wire and the gauge size that you need. Twisted wires come already twisted and ready to install, while flat wire often requires a little more prep work. We highly recommend flat wire for beginners because it installs so easily and provides a clean and fresh taste. Once you feel more confident about your skills, we encourage you to try our twisted wires. Twisted wires pull up more liquid from the atomizer and keep that liquid from leaking outside of your vaporizer and lets you spend more time vaping and less time cleaning. We also offer gauge sizes ranging from 20 up to 28, and you might want to experiment to figure out which gauge size you like the best. 

At Wulf Mods, we want to help you customize your vaping experience, which is why we offer so many different types of wire and other accessories. Browse our selection of vaporizers to find one that matches your lifestyle, and then have fun checking out all the vape wire and other accessories we sell too.