Wildberry Shake by Wulf Brew E-Liquid


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Wildberry Shake by Wulf Brew E-Liquid will literally shake up your vape with a creamy explosion of flavor that is unlike anything else on the market. The team at Wulf Brew has been delivering premium e-liquids for a while now, and this flavor is just one reason why they have gained a large following among those who refuse to settle for the same old taste. 

Product Description

This e-liquid evokes thoughts of spending a hot summer afternoon in the cool interior of an ice cream shop. The first thing to notice is the taste of ripened harvest berries in many varieties. All of these sweet and tangy flavors then merge with the creamy flavor of vanilla milk. To top it all off, there are hints of fluffy marshmallows. The result is an e-liquid that will probably make you crave a real shake each time you put it in your vaporizer.

Located in Corona, California, Wulf Brew E-Liquid is an imprint of the massively successful Wulf Mods. These people know vaping, and now they have extended their expertise to the production of exquisite e-liquid flavors such as Strawberry Shake, Almond Silk Milk, and Chocolate Milk. The most recent flavor to join the lineup is Wildberry Shake. All of these flavors are nostalgic in their inspiration, and the reception on various social media platforms has been overwhelmingly positive.

To create a great-tasting e-liquid is quite a complex process. The first step is to research flavors that will appeal to vapers based on originality. Wulf Brew succeeds on this level. Every flavor they produce is a combination of tastes that take tradition and turn it on it's head. The next step is to source the raw materials that produce the e-liquid. These are chosen from suppliers that are ranked high for quality. 

Once an e-liquid is conceptualized and the raw materials are gathered, the real work begins. Mixologists with extensive experience are used to blend Wildberry Shake by Wulf Brew E-Liquid to perfection. Specially designed clean rooms are used as a part of the steeping process to ensure that each bottle is packed with flavor. This e-liquid comes in a 30 ml bottle with a convenient dropper. It is available in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6 mg to suit every individual preference.

Fruit-flavored e-liquids are not an easy thing to produce. Some of them can become bitter or overpowering after you've been vaping them for an extended period. This is not a problem with flavors from Wulf Brew. Wildberry Shake presents with a smoothness that makes it a perfect all-day vape. It satisfies the palette and is adaptable to a variety of different situations. It tastes as great after a meal out on the town as it does sitting in the shade at a park.

Wulf Brew is all about recognizing that vaping culture is filled with a wonderful array of people that have unique, distinctive personalities. The goal of the company is to create e-liquids that have their own distinction. The marketplace is flooded with standard flavors, and vapers today want more. They want to be excited by a new e-liquid that possesses its own form of individuality. Bold hits, rich vapor. These are the hallmarks of Wulf Brew E-Liquid.

While you are shopping GotVape.com for Wildberry Shake by Wulf Brew E-Liquid, you might want to think about picking up a new Wulf Mods vaporizer. We have several varieties to choose from as well as tanks, mods, and accessories from all of the most popular brands. We are also happy to answer all your questions about e-liquids via live chat or email. 

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