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While building your own mods can be an enjoyable experience that helps you get the best vaping sessions possible, it also doesn't hurt to purchase materials that are designed to make the process a little easier.

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Our Clapton Kanthal wire contains 10 feet of wire expertly spun on a spool to make it easy to build your own coils. You'll be able to enjoy the ultimate sub-ohm vaping experience to ensure that you get the most for your money while using high-quality components. The right wire for your mods is essential to ensuring that you are creating a safe environment for your vaping sessions.

The wire comes in two sizes to match your specific needs. The 24G and 26G sizing options will work well for most experienced vapers. Since sizing can be a bit confusing, it's important that you know what you're buying so that you understand the importance of each size. Essentially, the size you pick will determine the degree of ohms you'll get from different sized wires.

Kanthal wire is constructed from a ferritic iron, chromium aluminium alloy. This metal is used to create rebuildable atomizers as well as rebuildable dripping atomizers that are used in mechanical mods. It has the ability to be heated to 2550 degrees Fahrenheit (1400 degrees Celsius). The number on the wire refers to the sizing used. When making a selection, you need to know what type of wick you're using to wrap your Kanthal wire around. The type of wick you use will also determine your total overall ohms. 

The three main types of wicks used are silica, Ekowool and cotton. Each type of wick has it's own special properties and will affect the end result. Silica works well with Kanthal wire, and it has the benefit of being able to produce exceptional clouds when using a mechanical vape. Ekowoot is very similar to silica in its consistency, but it generally stays more intact and doesn't fray as easily as silica. Finally, cotton will give you an exceptional flavor, but you are limited to the kinds of builds you can create. 

The higher gauge number on Kanthal wire will result in a thinner wire that provides a higher resistance per foot. The lower the number, the thicker the wire will be and you'll get a lower resistance per foot. Additionally, the length of the wire you use will also have an effect. The longer the wire you use, the higher the resistance will be. If you shorten the wire, you'll get a lower resistance. With 10 feet of wiring, you'll be able to cut it to your exact needs to get the results you want.

Specifically, a 24G wiring option has a 0.51 mm diameter and resistance of 0.17 ohms per inch. 26G wiring provides a slightly smaller diameter and it will result in less resistance. If you're concerned about having the most resistance possible, then it makes sense to go with the 26G wiring option. The 26G wiring option is 0.40 mm in diameter and gives a resistance of 0.28 ohms per inch. 

Make sure you always test your setup before you use it in a practical, real-life situation. If you need any help setting up a custom mod, make sure to find an expert who can show you the ropes and help you learn the basics. Custom-made mods are not for novice vapers, and should only be created by people who are very experienced. The higher resistance wires are generally considered a bit safer than the lower resistance wires. Choose wisely and enjoy your build!

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