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The power cord is the lifeblood of your vaporizer, and the ability of your vaporizer to hold a charge can be drastically affected when the charger cord begins to fail.

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This Tundra Vaporizer Replacement Power Cord is designed to keep you in the action, and it ensures that your vaporizer is being charged effectively and properly. A charging cable is essential to the proper operation of your vaping unit, and it's important that you only get authentic replacement parts to maintain the integrity of your vaporizer.

When you purchase a generic charging cable or use one sitting around your house, you don't have the guarantee that the cable is specifically designed to work with your Tundra Vaporizer. If it's not compatible, you may reduce the ability of your vaporizer to completely charge and it could ruin the batteries in your vaping unit. It's important to make sure that you always use authentic parts to maintain the quality you have come to expect from your vaporizer. 

There are many factors that go into a charging cable that vapers may overlook when casually searching for the right cable for their needs. The length of the cable, the integrity of the wiring and the shielding inside the wire sheath are all important factors to consider. This cable is guaranteed to work like the original cable, and it will ensure that you're properly charging your unit with a cable designed specifically for the Tundra.

The Tundra uses a USB charging cable, which works to provide the optimal voltage for charging your unit properly. It's important to not use a cable that exceeds the requirements of the Tundra since this can result in reduced battery life or cause the unit to get too hot during a charging session. The mini USB charger that is designed for the Tundra is specifically made to ensure that you can charge anywhere. You can even hook up the charger to your computer's USB port to charge the unit if there are no other options available.

The cord itself is small enough to take with you anywhere. It won't get in the way, and you can easily pack it into your back pocket or leave it in your car for charging on the way to or from work. If you regularly lose your cables, it's not a bad idea to purchase an extra cable or two to keep at your office at work. This way, you can have a charging cable ready for you no matter where you find yourself. 

It's also important to remember that USB cables use copper wire, which can transfer power surges that may come as the result of a lightning strike or some other electric malfunction. It's important to use a proper USB charging block or connect it to a computer that is properly grounded to ensure that your vaping unit doesn't short circuit. 

A USB charging cable is actually a very sophisticated design, and this mini USB cable has been selected for its high-quality manufacturing and safety features. Your typical USB charging cable comes with a foil shield, PVC jacket, power conductors, a drain, signal pair and a braid. If your existing charging cable is baring its thread or has a kink in the cable, it's time to purchase a new one. A USB charging cable that isn't in optimal condition can damage your vaporizer, especially if the protective elements inside the cable get damaged. Stay safe and vape smart with a new Tundra Vaporizer Replacement Power Cord designed by Wulf Mods.

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