Hell Hound Series Pro Mechanical Box Mod Kit by Wulf Mods


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Sleek, stylish, high-powered Box mods are coming into their own in the vaping world today, there's absolutely just no doubt about it.

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More and more top companies are offering their own styles of box mod units, and the Hell Hound Series Pro Mechanical Box Mod Kit by us at Wulf Mods is a top of the line piece from one of the vaping world's top manufacturers. Here at Wulf Mods, we know from vaping, which is why serious vapes are howling the praises of our The Hell Hound Pro Kit Box Mods from Wulf Mods. 

What is it about the box mod style that's so enticing in these vaping models? Let me tell you, the variable ability of these mods makes them incredibly attractive to serious vape enthusiasts, and these high end box mods, like the hairy beast that is The Hell Hound Pro Kit from Box Mods, have all the wattage needed for an excellent vape experience, and more!

There's no doubt that a Box Mod from us here at Wulf Mods is quality plus an incredible taste experience squared!! These incredible units offer sleekly gorgeous looks with full connectivity. Our Wulf Mods box mods are made in the USA, too, which is undoubtedly always a good thing. 

Our Hell Hound Pro Kit Box Mods have full copper connections, so you get full, maximum level power plus great performance from the kit's dual 18650 batteries. This mod offers direct output at a 7.4 volt level. An internal on/off switch makes powering this unit up clean and easy, too. This box mod kit also offers integrated circuit protection, plus a vented cover, inside and out. 

Our quality box mod kit offers plenty of style to add to the vaping experience. These box mods measure a handy and easy to hold 24mm, and are made with a sleek stainless steel deck. Plus, a copper center post is great for that connectivity. 2.5 mm post holes make it easy to get connected and up and running, and improved air flow makes for an exquisitely tasty vape.

Here at Wulf Mods, we're a vaping company that's known for our expertise in maximizing the vape experience, and for our fine attention to detail when it comes to creating an all out amazing product line. Our Box Mod kits are truly some of the finest available anywhere, which is why The Hell Hound box mods are so enticing to the serious vapers out there. 

With its sleek design and awesome Hell Hound logo displayed prominently on the box cover, The Hell Hound Pro Kit Box Mods go beyond offering great taste on every level to also adding a serious dash of style and edgy sophistication to every inhale.

When it's time to get into a seriously tasty, seriously stylish vape, it's time to invest in The Hell Hound Pro Kit Box Mods. We say do it today, before the howls break out full force!

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