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If you're shopping around for a trustworthy RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) tank, there's no reason for you to fret. Wulf Mods has the mighty Lone Wulf RDA Tank waiting for you. This full copper or anodized aluminum offering can make a fantastic addition to your vaping life, to say the least. 

Product Description

There are quite a few noteworthy components and features linked to our Lone Wulf RDA Tank. It's equipped with a pleasant and efficient four post design, for example. It has a dual copper center post, too. The RDA tank's pair of outer negative posts can be helpful for guaranteeing a nice, pleasant and hassle-free build. If you're interested in a hassle-free, simple build that can give you fine connectivity, this RDA tank should be a great asset to you. This product is equipped with a slit cut out that can be helpful for stress-free insertion of wires. If you dislike fussing with wires, this convenient slit cut out definitely isn't a feature to dismiss. 

Our Lone Wulf RDA tank has a sizable drip well, too. The depth of its well is optimal for people who are serious about significant absorption. The cap's sides display slits that enable people to enjoy the convenience of airflow control that's totally adjustable. 

This 24 mm RDA tank is 510 threaded. That means that this tank is 100 percent appropriate for a vast selection of vape mods. People who buy our Lone Wulf RDA tank can choose between two attractive color choices. These are classic black and striking copper.

The exciting features that are part of the Lone Wulf RDA tank do not stop with just those already mentioned, either. Other features that are part of this RDA tank include a 510 drip adapter, large post holes, a chuff top and a beautiful and sturdy stainless steel deck. If you're all about enhanced airflow and a 1.5 ml well, you can't go wrong with the Lone Wulf RDA tank.

This is an RDA tank that was specifically created for experienced vaping lovers. If you're a seasoned and knowledgeable build aficionado, this tank is probably a strong choice for you. If you'd like to use this tank, begin by taking the screw off the top located on ground post. Do so by moving in a counter-clockwise direction. Then, employ the provided mesh shield to bundle up the pair of cotton wicks. Get the coil and bundle the surrounding posts. This should probably take you five wraps or so. Attach the two coils to the center ground coil.

Connect the tank to the battery again. You're now 100 percent set to use the Lone Wulf RDA tank. Use between one and three drips and then turn the power button on. Remember to keep your breaths even and slow. 

If you're searching for the RDA tank you've always needed, Wulf Mods can easily accommodate you. We're a business that's runs out of lovely Corona in Southern California. Our focus is on wholesale vaporizers and a host of other convenient, efficient and effective vaping products. We sell our customers the finest options in atomizers, mods and spare parts, for example.Our staff members are proud vaping mavens who are always motivated to help. If you want more information regarding our Lone Wulf RDA tank, get in contact as soon as possible. You can either call or email our company with questions. We're friendly and knowledgeable folks.

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    Unique design for intricate builds

    When I first had this rda in my hands it aesthetically stood out to me in a good way. It was different from the usual cap design I'm use to seeing. The copper white cooler design I liked a lot as it makes the rda pop. The heat fins it has are good to have especially if you plan to throw in a crazy hot build. The chuff cap is a must for me as it allows for more ease of inhaling large volume of vapor without having to out due yourself. The juice well is deep should you want to stuff it like a turkey. The copper square center post I liked and the oval hole it has allows for large coil leads to install at ease however the side post holes could have been larger as that is the side I am usually struggling when inserting a larger build. Overall it is unique and one of the more different rda's out on the market that can hold crazy builds and still allow you to vape them.

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    Excellent rda

    I have been building for a while and while I prefer a 4 post or 2 post rda this one delivers anyway. It has a excellent build deck with monstrous post holes and a unique design. Great flavor and huge clouds will come out of this rda. I really enjoy using it and I am sure it will be in my rotation.

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    This RDA is for expert coil builders

    It does give a nice vape and is totally air flow controllable. The graphics on the RDA are pretty neat and I get the gist of the bolts, the symbol for Ohm and the Wolf and Drop..all together it makes sense. The cap pulls off nicely and re-seats well. Having heat dissipation fins at the top near the mouth piece are a clever idea and do seem to work.
    With the extra large center pos. post and far spaced neg. posts it does make placement of coils a bit challenging. This is not a choice for the novice and beginner coil builder. Yet, it does allow for some unique builds. My biggest desire would be to have an optional chuff or mouth piece as I am not sure I like the french kiss effect you get from this mouth piece.

    I vape on it daily and do use it as my experimental platform for new builds because it is roomy, has a nice juice well and is perfect for those over the top builds..like a dragon coil, or a stove top OR even a continuous single/composite wire dual coil..which can be a hard one to make.

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