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Wulf Mods is a premium vaping company with a simple mission: to create the world's finest vaping products. We take months to develop and produce each one of our superior products.

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We carry a full line of vaping products, including box mods, sub ohm tanks, various atomizers and clearomizers, coils, power cords and batteries. Wulf Mods uses only the best materials and designs, so all of their products are built to last. You can be sure that you have the very best in the vaping industry when you purchase a product from Wulf Mods. 

Vaping is an enormous multi-million dollar industry today. People like to vape for a variety of great reasons. Vapers enjoy excellent flavors. They can relax with vaping at the end of a hard day or amp up for serious fun. You can vape dry aromatherapies, such as concentrated essential oils. If you are new to vaping, Wulf Mods carries a variety of vaporizers that are perfect for beginners. Likewise, if you are an advanced vaper, Wulf Mods has you covered. Vapers have turned vaping into a veritable art form, and nowhere more so than in the realm of sub ohm vaping. If you enjoy vaping, you will love the Wulf Mods Plus Sub Tank. 

Sub ohm vaping is rapidly becoming the hottest segment of the vaping industry. Sub ohm vaping simply means vaping with a device that uses atomizer coils that have a resistance of less than one Ohm. This type of vaping operates on the principles of Joules' and Ohm's laws of electricity. What this means is that a non-variable voltage source like a battery will increase the overall wattage output if the device when the resistance, or ohms, is decreased. Decreasing the resistance increases the amperage of the device to supply the necessary current. This in turn increases that the battery and coils generate. Vapers must follow some basic safety rules to ensure safe sub ohm vaping.

Vapers prefer sub ohm vaping for three main benefits. The first is the massive vapor clouds produced by sub ohm vaping. In addition, the extra heat generated by the atomizer coils means a much warmer vapor. Finally, the huge puffs of clouds meand vapers experience very intense flavors, which is the main reason vapers enjoy sub ohm vaping.

The Wulf Plus Sub Tank is a sturdy, well-designed vaporizer designed specifically for sub ohm vaping. It is made with environmentally safe glass tubing and solid stainless steel. Refilling the Wulf Plus Sub Tank is a snap with the top fill system. Simply unscrew the mouthpiece section from the base if the tank, and you are ready to fill. The bottom of the Wulf zPlus Sub Tank also features a convenient removable drip tip mouthpiece. A .2 Ohm Clapton coil and a .5 Ohm Kanthal coil are included and will produce the massive clouds sub ohm vapers love. The coils are each made with Japanese organic cotton, so they will give you great flavor as well as huge clouds. Customers with TC mods can additionally purchase a Ni200 temperature control coil.

In short, the Wulf Plus Sub Tank is a dream for sub ohm vapers. Whether you are new to sub ohm vaping or very experienced with sub tanks, the Wulf Plus Sub Tank is just right for your vaping needs.

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