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  • Wulf Micro Cartridge Vaporizer by Wulf Mods

    The Wulf Micro is perfectly petite and deliberately designed to provide users with an incomparable vape. The contents of the kit include everything needed to give users a seamless session with their favorite essential oils. As a travel friendly device, it stands at two inches tall and one inch wide. To allow genuinely customized experiences, the voltage can be altered between 3.4V, 3.7V, and 4V. The functionality is intended to be user-friendly and as such provides a single button system. 


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Vaporizers by Wulf Mods

People who want top-tier herbal vaporizers can enjoy many great vape options from our company. One prominent product that we make is called the Wulf Vape Classic Vaporizer. This product comes in both red and black. These vaporizers are streamlined, modern and attractive devices that are sure to make the most focused vaping enthusiasts smile. They can definitely be good vape choices for people who are searching for traditional vaporizers that don't deviate much from the norm at all. 

We also have a Wulf Vape Digital Vaporizer. As the product's name communicates, it's a digital take on the traditional vaporizer. This product can be a terrific solution for people who always prefer to go the technology route whenever possible. Like the classic vaporizer, this vape also exists in red and black. Although this product boasts a cool, streamlined look, it has an appearance that's slightly more substantial than the previous vaporizer. The shape of the vaporizer isn't quite as slender as that of its classic counterpart.

Our company also makes a lovely Wulf Vape SX Vaporizer. This vape has a powerful, sturdy and somewhat intimidating look. It's one of our brand's new generation portable vaporizers. It's also the smallest vaporizers available these days that also happens to work extremely well. If you want to use a compact and tiny vaporizer that you can easily place on top of your hand, the Wulf Vape SX Vaporizer is one to consider. This vaporizer is available in both red and black.

The Wulf Vape LX Vaporizer is yet another fantastic product. Some memorable components that are linked to this vape are a ceramic heating component, LED light, a power button, an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen and a hole for the flow of air. This vape also has a micro USB (Universal Serial Bus) power jack. This is an example of a strong and sturdy digital vaporizer. It comes with complete temperature controls. If you're looking to vape herbs with success, this product can be a lifesaver. It can greatly simplify your vaporization duties. If you're interested in temperature control adjustments, all you have to do is make use of the product's OLED screen. People who buy the Wulf Vape LX Vaporizer receive dab tools, cleaning brushes, packing boxes and wall chargers.

People who are thinking about buying top-notch vaping products can lean on Wulf Mods. We're a highly trustworthy business from Corona in Southern California. Our wonderful and dedicated staff creates stylish vaporizers that are appropriate for concentrates and dry herbs alike. The many product departments available here include vapes, atomizers, spare parts, tanks and mods. If you're trying to purchase a reliable mechanical mod, for example, the diligent professionals here at Wulf Mods should be able to come to your aid. If you're trying to get a herbal vaporizer, our company's professionals should be able to assist you as well. Our team members are all attentive, detail-oriented and assiduous employees who concentrate heavily on fine customer service. We care about our customers.