Straight Pre-Wrapped Kanthal Coils 6 pk by Wulf Mods


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The straight Pre-Wrapped Kanthal Coils 6 pk by Wulf Mods is the perfect solution for the beginner that wants to save a little time and money while learning how to rebuild an RDA. This pack of coils removes a lot of the hassle and will help you get your build back in top shape without delay.

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The RDA is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods of vaping and Wulf Mods has an entire line of premium vapes, mods, and tanks.

Kanthal wire is a ferritic iron and chromium-aluminum alloy that is the preferred choice for building coils. Wulf Mods only sells the highest quality Kanthal wire in spools and also in pre-wrapped coils. For a beginner, building the coils for an RDA can be frustrating. Even worse, it is the most crucial point of the build process. If you make a mistake in building your coils, the result will be a less-than-pleasant vaping experience. Additionally, some competitors price their Kanthal wire so high that making a mistake as you learn can be costly. 

The trick is that things aren't as simple as buying some Kanthal wire and quickly wrapping it into a coil. The gauge of wire you use and how tightly the coil is wrapped affect the overall resistance provided by the RDA. A Straight Pre-Wrapped Kanthal Coils 6 pk by Wulf Mods can help you shortcut the process and get back to vaping. 

Our company was founded by vapers, for vapers. The team of professionals at Wulf Mods keeps a collective finger on the pulse of the vaping community. We know what vapers need. Many of them express an interest in our pre-wrapped Kanthal wire coils. They come in sizes of 20G, 22G, 24G, 26G, and 28G and are affordably priced at just $6.99 per pack. If you are new to maintaining an RDA, do yourself a favor and use these pre-wrapped coils as you familiarize yourself with the complexities of making your own. 

If you are an experienced vaper and already have an RDA, keeping a pack of these pre-wrapped coils on hand can be a great solution for those times that you need to make repairs quickly. The experienced vaper will also appreciate Wulf Mods for our stellar customer service and willingness to answer any questions that arise regarding mods. We speak the lingo and will understand your issue and make the appropriate suggestions.

The vaping community is vast. It includes newcomers that are trying out their first pen, casual vapers that like trying new things, and serious enthusiasts that are pushing the boundaries while vaping competitively. A great company will understand the needs of every group. At Wulf Mods, we don't just sell pre-wrapped Kanthal coils or RDA components. We sell a complete solution from complex mods to premium e-juices. Our goal is to be all-inclusive in the products we offer. While you are here be sure to browse around and feel free to let us hear any feedback you have on our products.

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