Twisted Kanthal Wire 10 ft by Wulf Mods


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Twisted Kanthal wire is ideal for tank and atomizer builds, and the different gauges make it possible to customize your application to suit your needs. Wulf Mods twisted wire makes it easier to get your next custom mod built to your exacting standards.

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You'll be able to get the most flavor from your mod by using only the amount of wire you need in the thickness that works for you. Kanthal wire is trusted by experts who care about the quality and reliability of their mods. The size you choose will play a large factor in the amount of ohms that you'll get from your mod, so make sure you select the right size for your intended purpose. 

Kanthal wire consists of a ferritic iron and chromium-aluminum alloy blend that is often used in the construction of rebuildable atomizers and rebuildable dripping atomizers. The type of wire you choose is indicated by the gauge of the wire. The gauge determines the thickness of the wire and a thicker wire will produce a low resistance. It's important to be careful with low resistance since it requires a more powerful battery, which also makes it more dangerous to create.

A 24G wire will provide you with the greatest thickness, and it extends 0.51 mm in diameter. This will also produce the lowest resistance at 0.17 ohms an inch at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want a higher resistance, use a 26G wire with a 0.40 mm thickness to provide 0.28 ohms per inch of resistance. For an even lower resistance, you can use the 28G Kanthal wire with a diameter of 0.32 mm and a resistance of 0.44 ohms per inch. Choosing the right gauge for your project requires a bit of experience and a lot of knowledge about how the different gauges will react with your mechanical mods. 

It's important to ensure that the resistance and voltage created by your battery ends up being lower than what you need in amps. This wire is for those who have extensive experience since the 24G, 26G and 28G wires are all considered low to very low resistance wires. There are apps that you can use to test your ohms and voltage to make the mathematics a bit easier for you to build. It's recommended that you download an app to make sure you're not miscalculating.

No matter what gauge you choose, it's important to be safe and use an ohms testing meter before attaching your setup to your mechanical mod and begin your vaping session. One nice thing about the 10 feet of wire is that you can increase the resistance simply be using more wire in your project. Choosing Twisted Kanthal Wire from Wulf Mods ensures that you're getting reliable wire that is designed specifically for the goal of building an atomizer or tank.

If you're a novice to building atomizers and tanks, it's suggested that you purchase pre-made coils or use a thicker gauge wire. The 28 gauge wire tends to be best for mechanical mods, and it is suitable for use below the 1.0-ohm level. You won't have to worry about the wire shorting at ohms as low as 0.4 ohms, and it's generally regarded as the best wire for beginners to use. Once you know the ohms and the wattage that you want to vape at, you can select the wire that matches your needs.

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