Wulf Tech 14mm and 18mm Bucket Nail by Wulf Mods


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The Wulf Tech 14mm and 18mm Bucket Nail by Wulf Mods is an ingenious device that makes vaporizing waxy concentrates incredibly easy. It attaches to the end of any standard 14mm or 18mm glass joint, and it comes in both male and female varieties.

Product Description

The device is made from high-quality stainless steel that has been milled to perfection, which ensures smooth operation through the entire joint and hinge.

These bucket nail heads are a brilliant solution to a problem that many wax concentrate enthusiasts have to deal with. It can be difficult to properly heat a bowl and maintain a deep draw, but these bowls allow the user to heat the element and rotate it into place within the larger bucket. This creates an enclosed environment that guarantees a smooth hit with the perfect mixture of vapor and air. Not only that, but it protects the user against the extreme heat required by the element in order to create proper vaporization. With the element exposed, the possibility of receiving a burn is quite likely, but once the element of this bucket nail attachment is heated and put into place, it is nearly impossible to accidentally touch.

The shape of the device is also exceptionally well-imagined. It is available in both male and female configurations, and each of those is compatible with either a 14mm or an 18mm joint. That means they can not only fit any standard device, but they can be moved from one device to another with relative ease, especially if many of your devices use similar joints. The outside of the bucket and the element both have the same ribbed design that helps hold heat, and it offers a larger surface area to work with. The device is aesthetically pleasing as well, since it is so finely crafted to fulfill its specific function. The hinge is fully adjustable and comes with a ridged tightening screw.

Maintenance is also low with these attachments. They are essentially self-cleaning since the high temperatures burn away any grime left over from the wax concentrates. Of course, carbon build-up is a possibility, as is true with anything repeatedly put to flame, but that can easily be taken care of with warm water and elbow grease. Beyond that, they require no maintenance whatsoever. The joints are solidly built, and they will serve you well for years to come. The element is milled with airflow holes so you can use both the internal and external surface as your vaping surface without disrupting the airflow.

To properly use this bucket nail, you'll need something a little more powerful than a standard lighter. A butane torch is ideal, and they can be purchased at many convenience stores and hardware stores. The torch is able to heat the element quickly and efficiently, and it bestows the high temperatures needed to instantly vaporize your waxy concentrates. Use caution when heating the element, and once it is fully heated it should be moved into the larger bowl right away to preserve heat and protect against accidents. You can then apply your wax concentrate to the element with your tool of choice, preferably a stainless steel dab tool, while you draw from your vaporizer. The experience of vaporizing your own wax concentrate through a bucket nail will change the way you look at vaporizing forever.

Key Features of the Wulf Tech 14mm and 18mm Bucket Nail by Wulf Mods:

  • Durable Steel Construction
  • Simple Hinge Design
  • Available in Male & Female Configurations
  • Compatible with Wax Concentrates
  • Bucket Nail Head

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