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Wulf Tech Dab Tools by Wulf Mods

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    Weighted, practical high quality

    So I actually bought the skillet toll and one of my local shops and I was so pleased with the simplicity and practicality of this tool that I had to compliment the source.
    I love how small the scoop is on one end. Perfect portion control for your rig and what sold me was it was small enough to allow me to put my wax in my pens without worrying about damaging the coils.
    Its surprisingly very leveled and fun fact; cause of the skillet, its doesn't roll off anything...and speaking of which.
    I also love the slightly dipped skillet because I use it to transfer product to a container and its been a blessing. Simplicity at its finest.
    Good job fellas and or ladies. Solid work ! 10/10 I'm always gonna use this brand for my dab tools!

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