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If you need a battery that's compatible with a large assortment of mod style vapes, our company has an 18500 IMR battery that may be optimal for your requirements. We have a selection of IMR MOD batteries that can be used alongside many types of APVs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers) and mechanical mods.

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All of the batteries we make were masterminded. That's why you can always trust our batteries to be modern and to work in a reliable and consistent manner. Other battery size options we have available here at Wulf Mods are both 18350 and 18650. Customers not only can choose their required battery sizes, either. They can also choose between two totally different battery styles. These Apart from IMR battery styles, we also offer ICR options. Our IMR batteries can be convenient for people who are new to vaporizer use.

Our 18500 IMR battery is a NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) AA battery that's rechargeable. If you're searching for a rechargeable battery that can be effective for APVs and mechanical mods alike, there's no better fit for you than our 18500 IMR battery. Our company's IMR batteries can be reliable choices for APVS and mechanical mods. These batteries are produced in a way that's respectful to the environment. They're not just batteries that have eco-friendly features, either. They're also batteries that come with the pure convenience of short circuit protection. If you want defense from the time-consuming hassles of short circuiting, this protection can be invaluable to you.

Using our 18500 IMR battery isn't something that should cause you any stress, anxiety or frustration. Our IMR batteries are genuinely easy to use. When you're ready to use our 18500 IMR battery, put it in your designated APV or mod's battery port. That's literally all you have to do. 

If you keep up with the personal vaping realm, you're probably all too aware of the immense popularity of mod style vapes. If you want to be a vaping success, however, you need to make sure that you have a strong grasp of all your battery needs, plain and simple. People who have questions that involve mod style vaporizers, IMR batteries, ICR batteries or absolutely anything else don't have to suffer in silent confusion. They can contact our company for all of the most dependable, consistent and accurate details around. If you want any helpful information that involves our 18500 IMR battery, we can assist you no matter what.

Wulf Mods is a reputable, honest and comprehensive vaping business that runs out of bright and vibrant Southern California. Our company's office is in Corona in Riverside County. People who want to approaching vaping the right way can truly depend on our illustrious and industrious team members. If you need information regarding our IMR 18500 battery, our 18350 battery or our 18650 battery, for example, we can be a reliable resource for you. We're not a company that exclusively focuses on IMR and ICR batteries, either. We focus on top-of-the-line vaping products in general. If you need to purchase vaporizers, spare parts, tanks, mods or atomizers, our business is your greatest bet. Our smiling associates are well-versed in all subjects that involve sub ohm tanks, regulated box mods, replacement batteries, concentrate tanks, rebuildable atomizers and more. Contact us at Wulf Mods today to get more insight on our 18500 IMR battery. Don't forget that our goal is always A+ customer service. Give us a phone call now.

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