How to Prevent Your Vape from Exploding

Mar 18, 2024by Ian Black

While some may discount rumors of vaporizer batteries exploding as the newest gator flushed down the toilet, the reality is while rare there is a non zero chance that your little electric friend goes full human torch on you if improperly used. Now since Smokey the Bear isn’t answering our calls, we had to wrangle their cousin Vapor the Wolf to tell you that ”Only you can prevent your vaporizer from sparking a fire… thanks to these easy tips! So listen up and check out these four simple steps to ensure your vaporizer doesn’t go the way of the flame.

1. Never Leave Your Vape Charging Overnight

While it may seem to be part of your nightly routine, plugging in your vape while sleeping for long periods of time is a recipe for disaster. If on the off chance that something goes wrong with your charging cable or vaporizer then you can immediately start to fix the problem instead of allowing it to grow while you slumber. Removing your vape from its power source while it's malfunctioning could be the difference between it simply overheating or your entire home going up in flames so make sure to only charge your vape when you are actively around to check on it. Other ideas to think about include making sure your charging station is free of clutter or anything else that could easily catch fire.

Vape and cartridge resting on jean jacket out in the sun

2. Avoid Hot Days and Leaving in Your Car

Unlike a baby or dog the only one who's going to notice that you left your vape alone on a hot day in your car is you. So make sure that instead of tossing it in the glove box or leaving it sitting on the seat, you are either storing your vape at home or bringing it along with you. You don’t want to be half way through the work day when you get a tap on the shoulder that your Toyota Yaris is currently roasting in the employee parking lot like the wicker man. On the other side of the spectrum it's also good to avoid letting your vape be exposed to extreme cold as well such as leaving it in your car overnight when temperatures are dropping rapidly. Freezing environments can cause the vaporizer to malfunction and the battery to drain leading to potentially dangerous issues down the line.

3. Use the Designated Charging Cable

Surprisingly, despite most vapes “USB-C” compatible, in reality that doesn't mean you can use any old USB-C. No, the truth is that the charging cable included with your vaporizer was specifically designed to be compatible with that specific vaporizer in terms of how safely and efficiently it charges your battery. Using a different charger can lead to your vaporizer battery being insufficiently powered and eventually lead to the battery either breaking or not able to hold a charge as long. Another issue is that some chargers could provide too much power too quickly to the vaporizer battery which could lead to fire or an explosion.

Vape resting on laptop keys plugged into computer

4. Read the Manual for Safety Features

While not the sexiest of tips, it turns out that taking the brief amount of time to look over how your vaporizer is supposed to be used does wonders for your safety. Vaporizer Manufacturers are required to include detailed instructions that inform the customer of proper use but more importantly let them know what not to do with the vaporizer. Within the instructions you will be able to get specific charging instructions as well as info on how to read all of the various lights and signals from the device to understand what settings you have engaged. Simple things like how to turn on and off the device are massively important as certain safety features are engaged when the vape is powered off as opposed to left on.

The Not So Explosive Conclusion

Now that we are all safe and sound it's time I come clean, there never was a Vapor the Wolf. No, instead it was the hero inside of you doing the talking, turns out you always had it within  you to prevent the next vape explosion. If you noticed a theme within the tips it would be that most of your fire risks with a vape are coming from when it is charging and when it is exposed to extreme temperatures. If you mitigate the risk of those two issues then you are more than well on your way to ensuring your vape never accidentally goes up in smoke. Make sure to check out the rest of our tips and tricks over at Wulf Mods Vaporizer Blog to learn more!