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    Glass and vaporizers go hand and hand for an incredible collection and experience. However, the quality of glass and glassware is foundational to the type of sessions you receive. For instance, glass too thin might not last daily wear and tear. Or on the other hand, if the glass is too thick, the device becomes ineffective for different heating products making it harder to transfer vapor. Therefore it is always essential to make sure you get a great, quality piece.

    Types of Glass

    Coming in various shapes, sizes, and styles, glass pieces are made to deliver an elevated, optimal performance producing pure, intense flavors in a durable, resilient form. These glass units can be broken into four primary categories; Dab and Oil Rigs, Banger Hangers, Pipes, and Heady Glass.

    Dab and Oil Rigs

    Dab rigs or oil rigs are specific types of pipes or bong glass pieces used to consume your concentrates and oils, otherwise known as dabbing. Typically made of borosilicate, durable glass, these pieces incorporate water filtration for intense, pure flavors.

    Utilizing a two-step process, the user first uses a torch to heat the nail before dabbing the concentrates or oil extracts from the dry herb onto the nail surface. From there, the concentrate or oil is in place on the surface area, and then you can inhale the vapor through the rig's mouthpiece.

    The central part of the rig, resembling a bong glass piece, and the nail, typically made of titanium, glass, or quartz, work together to withstand extremely high temperatures to produce flavorful vapor. Some rigs feature a vapor dome that fits over the nail, allowing you to get the most out of vapor without losing any concentrates or oils. A traditional water pipe has 45-degree joints, while rigs typically employ 90-degree angled joints and are smaller in size to prevent taste dilution.

    The rig may include a recycler, a specific type of water pipe that pushes water throughout the device. This allows the smoke and water to travel from one chamber to the next, returning to the first, which provides a continuous filtration loop for cooled vapor draws.

    Not quite sure if the device is intended for dabbing? Look at the gender of the joint! If the joint is male and comes with a vapor dome or glass nail, it can be used for dabbing. If not, it can be converted with unique nails, but it’s the mal joint pipe that is the most common.

    Now we have Banger Hangers.

    One of the newest styles to join the glass gang, Banger Hangers, like the Wulf Glass Blender Banger Nail, features a female joint designed at a 90-degree angle, which provides the perfect platform for those banger style domeless quartz nails.

    An extended domeless quartz nail designed with a dish that is typically horizontally further separate from the rig for optimal functionality. Coming in a variety of joint sizes, both male and female- banger hangers vary so that they can match the style of your rig and the dish comfortably.

    These styles include:

    Trough Banger is a banger designed to fit perfectly with a Quartz Trough Banger nail. Shaped like a feeding trough, utilized with a carb cap and your dab nail, it ensures you get all of your wax and concentrates; nothing gets wasted. It also allows your goodies to vaporize at lower temperatures, providing better, potent flavors while smooth in your inhales. Trough banger carb cap also acts as a dabber which allows you to safely place your concentrates in your hot nail without accidentally burning yourself.

    Another type of banger is a Flat Top Banger. A flat-top banger with a standard shape, except the dish, has a flat, not angled top. This allows you to use almost any style of carb cap and not have to fret about holding the cap on without it sliding off.

    The Grail Banger is a banger with a flat top and thicker base. The holy grail of bangers, this banger features an innovative, unique slit opening in the front of the nail, which helps increase airflow for better rips. In addition, the wide dish design allows you to add more significant amounts of concentrates or small amounts, depending on your preference. The quartz banger design also helps move the heat away from your rig to help prevent any accidental heat damage.

    A more inventive banger is the Thermal Banger. Featuring a double-wall design that allows the user to vaporize more concentrates at lower temperatures, the thermal banger enables you to direct your airflow using a bubble carb cap easily. Unlike a traditional quartz banger, where there can be too much wax buildup, the thermal banger allows you to have much more space containing all your wax inside the inner cup, preventing any leakage in your rig. This ensures that no one of your precious concentrates is wasted!

    The Borometer Banger or Thermochromic Banger is a thermal banger that has crushed glass (frit) or color-shifting quartz particles that turn from bright yellow to a deep reddish-orange hue when extremely hot. When the color of the banger’s inner cup reaches this color, it is ready to dab, giving you a nice heated surface. This banger takes the guesswork out of dabbing, just wait till it shifts color, and you are ready to go.

    Lastly is the E-Banger. A real game-changer when it comes to bangers, this one is not like most nails on the market. Shaped and sized purposely to fit an E-Nail Heating Coil, the E-Banger can be heated electrically rather than a torch.

    Carb Caps

    Much like bangers, carb caps are in a category of their own, delivering elevated sessions and much more. A glass tool, a carb cap is an accessory piece designed to be used with domeless nails, either titanium or quartz. They utilize a small hole to maximize airflow to your nail. When using one, the user will heat up the domeless nail, put the oil or concentrate onto the nail and then place the carb cap over the domeless nail for maximum airflow and optimal performance.

    Carb caps are going to deliver different flavors that are far more superior than you’ll ever experience. It also keeps smoke where it belongs, in your piece.


    Our next category is Pipes! Pipes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so they can be broken down into two subcategories which are water pipes or bongs and hand pipes. Pipes date at least 4,000 years which evidence has been discovered in ancient Egypt. Remains of pipes and tobacco leaves have been said to be found in Egyptian sarcophagi from as early as 2000 BC. Today, pipes are one of the most popular accessories for the consumption of your dry herb, concentrates, and oils, thanks to their variety, ease of use and affordable prices. Providing amazing flavors and pipes are the way to go for an elevated experience.

    A water pipe or more commonly known as a bong, are typically used for consuming your dry herbs or concentrates, using water and/or ice as a filtration system. As you inhale from your piece the water and/or ice cools the smoke before reaching your lips, allowing for smooth, velvety draws.

    The basic concept of a water pipe is to cool the smoke before it gets to you. It travels through one or several chambers filled with water or ice; the more contact it gets the cooler it becomes. Easy to use with cool, refreshing inhales, water pipes are for those who prefer to keep things a little more chill.

    Many bongs today utilize an ice pinch in its tube. These pinches in the glass, usually located at a mid-point or near the top of the tube, help to prevent the ice cubes from falling into the water. This additional filter of ice provides another cooling effect before reaching the user’s mouth.

    A hand pipe is a whole other ball game! Hand pipes or known as spoons are the most common type of pipe used to smoke dry herbs. Structured following a traditional tobacco pipe they are petite fitting the size of your palm. Composed of a bowl where you pack your flower and the stem from which you inhale it is completely easy to use and get the hang of, just pack and go. Typically, there is a hole in the bottom of the bowl that allows the smoke to travel through the stem to the larger hole on the opposite side, known as a carb, which regulates the flow of air.

    Hand pipes are most commonly constructed out of glass, although they can have elements of metal and wood. Most also have a carburetor incorporated into the side of the bowl for easy chamber clearing during inhales. A pocket-size accessory, the hand pipe is perfect for quick hits and on-the-go use. One inhale, and you’ll be feeling it.

    Heady Glass

    Our final category is Heady Glass! Heady Glass is considered the more high-end, intricate style of glass. Usually crafted by experienced glass artists, these pieces are made, including specialty honeycombs, wig wag, or detailed embellishments throughout the glass for that added touch. The one-of-a-kind beauties focus on colorful designs and creativity rather than scientific functionality.

    Created as a one-of-a-kind piece or limited edition run, heady glass is perfect for anyone who wants to start their own unique glass collection of eye-catching dab rigs, hand pipes, dabbers, or pendants. At their core, they are water pipes but have an added fancy, creative touch!