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    1 product
    Wulf Mods Duo Quartz Dual Coil Concentrate Chamber on White Background
    Wulf Mods Duo Quartz Dual Coil Concentrate Chamber Apart on White Background
    Wulf Mods Duo Quartz Dual Coil Concentrate Chamber

    Vape Tanks by Wulf Mods

    People who are thinking carefully about buying exemplary concentrate tanks can breathe easy. We're a highly regarded Corona, California company that has a great array of concentrate tanks available to our loyal customer base. Wulf Mods is a renowned business that specializes in wholesale vaporizers and many other things along those lines. If you want to invest in regulated box mods, sub ohm tanks, mechanical mods, vape wire or anything else, we can help you out. Our brand's concentrate tank choices are also nothing to dismiss. There are actually quite a few of them.

    If you want access to a large assortment of some of the finest concentrate tanks available, we can save the day. Our company's Type-B Concentrate Dome Kit is a big hit with customers. This kit is beneficial thanks to its speedy five second heating. Its heating coil was created using the finest grade 2 titanium. It has a standard cartomizer design. It can be used the same as other common 510 thread units as well. If you're searching for a trusty product that can help you accomplish all of your concentrated essential oil vaping wishes, this kit may just be the one. The design of this kit is dense and neat. It has an outer diameter of just half an inch. It's 2 and 3/8th of an inch long as well. If you're interested in a kit that can be placed over any basic 510 thread pattern battery, this may be promising for you. This kit is good for both Exxus and Sutra. It's equipped with a lovely glass cover. It also has a heater chamber that's divided into two distinct sections. If you're a fan of ceramic nichrome, you'll surely develop a soft spot for this top-notch product we offer. This kit is great for people who want to make sure they don't accidentally get any essential oils on their vital glass coverings.

    Our Titanium Dual Coil Concentrate Dome Kit is also part of the concentrate tank department. This kit was specifically made for the use of concentrated oils. It also has a heating coil made of powerful grade 2 titanium. It's memorable thanks to its setup, which consists of dual heating coils.

    Other notable concentrate tank products that were created by the brilliant minds here at Wulf Mods include a Ceramic Concentrate Dome Kit, a Titanium Concentrate Dome Kit and an Elips Concentrate Dome Kit. The Elips Concentrate Dome Kit is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) product that has an advanced and contemporary design. It comes with a lovely glass dome that's fully transparent. This glass dome is beyond helpful as it gives people the ability to pay careful attention to the full essential oil vaporization process.

    If you're trying to find ceramic tank choices that are perfectly suitable for your needs, get in contact with our fantastic staff as soon as possible. Don't be shy about reaching out to our vaping experts. We're always overjoyed about helping genuine vaping devotees.