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Vape Mouthpieces

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    5 products
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    What is a Vape Mouthpiece? 

    Vaporizer mouthpieces are spare or replacement pairing mouthpieces to Wulf Devices. These mouthpieces are a vital accessory that allows users to enjoy vapor clouds easily and more comfortably. These mouthpieces make it better to enjoy because oftentimes, they cool down the vapor before reaching a user's lip. When your mouthpiece may have broken or is not working as it used to, vaporizer mouthpieces are ideal for the collection. 

    Why Vaporizer Mouthpieces? 

    Vaporizer mouthpieces like the Wulf Next Replacement Mouthpiece are great because they funnel the atomizer to your mouth. With their pairing device, these mouthpieces help deliver spectacular sessions, they act as barriers cooling the vapor before reaching the mouth, so it is not overly hot. To use, the customer places their lips on the mouthpiece's tip. This is where they inhale and get those incredible draws. 

    Coming in various styles, the purpose of this accessory is to ensure fantastic draws every time. An essential component, the mouthpiece is one of the critical accessories allowing you to customize and calibrate your vaping experience. 

    How Vape Mouthpieces Work

    Vape Mouthpieces are usually easy to work and get the hang of. Typically, they snap right into place, fitting firmly on the device. Some even use magnetic properties, which help the mouthpiece stick directly to the device and stay in place. 

    Other mouthpieces take a little more pushing to get on. But, once on, these mouthpieces are just as secure too. Once on, these mouthpieces boost rich, intense vapor while being entirely comfortable for daily use. Each mouthpiece is constructed of premium, superior materials allowing it to survive several rounds of use. 

    Find Your Mouthpieces Here 

    As stated earlier, mouthpieces are a must-have! Buy a pairing mouthpiece or replace them when necessary for endless sessions. Here at Wulf Mods, experience innovation, providing nothing less than refreshing inhales. 

    Check out our stock for anything you need. From mouthpieces to accessories, we got everything needed for all vaporizer wants. 

    We even include a live Customer Service Department here to help with whatever you need. A highly knowledgeable group of professionals call us at (888) 827-3101. Open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm; we are here for you!