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    Wulf Mods 65mm 4pc Grinder

    What is a Grinder? 

    A grinder is an accessory tool made for cannabis use. A grinder helps quickly break down the stickiest of dry herbs allowing for a more consistent texture. This results in an efficient, smooth, and refreshing session.

    Overall, with a grinder, users can expect faster breakdown and storage, as well as improved sessions. 

    How to Use a Dry Herb Grinder

    Using a grinder is a relatively straightforward process.

    Step #1: Take off the lid. Use your fingers and break down the dry herbs, placing them between the grinder’s teeth. Try to avoid putting any materials in the center's direct center. Typically, this is where the magnet (if Titanium & Aluminum) pivots so that no dry herb will get shredded. Normally, acrylic grinders only employ teeth, so users are free to put dry herbs where they want. 

    Step#2: Replace the top of the grinder and twist both top and bottom, turning in opposite directions to shred through the dry herbs. After a few twists, it will be ready to go, giving the consistency of crushed pepper.

    Suppose a user has a Titanium or Aluminum multi-chamber grinder. In that case, they will need to give the grinder about five rotations in opposite directions until all dry herbs have fallen through the holes in the catching chamber. Then, users can remove the top and tap it against the grinder’s side to help loosen up any sticky pieces that did not make it thru the teeth. 

    Step#3: Unscrew the top from the bottom, and voilà, freshly ground dry herb! 

    With Titanium or Aluminum multi-chamber grinders, unscrew the chamber with the teeth to find the basket layer holding the dry herb. 

    Then the ground-up herb is ready to be used. 

    Wulf Mods 

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    As a leading online retailer, Wulf strives to meet everyone’s needs. Because of this, we incorporated a live Customer Service Staff willing and ready to help. So if you have any questions or comments, you can give us a call, and we are prepared to go. Available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm; we can be reached toll-free at 1-888-827-3101.