Wulf Mods Torches: Warhead and Clash

Feb 8, 2023by Julianne Bautista

Wulf Mods Torches Warhead & Clash standing on White DisplayAn ideal dab session includes the perfect heat that melts your wax materials—this is where torches come along. Wulf Mods spotlight two premium branded torches called the Wulf Warhead and the Wulf Clash. These torches feature a flame height adjuster, an ignition hold, and also levels up to 2800°F for the warmest dabs. These torches are also wind resistant, which makes them excellent for dabbing outdoors. Wulf torches are made from high quality materials and are very easy to use for all kinds of dab sessions.

Wulf Mods Warhead Torches sitting on restroom counter

If you’re a beginner dabber and think that torches aren’t needed for your sessions—you’re wrong! The specific heat of torches is much more significant than any other lighter. Handling a torch may seem terrifying, but newer torches, like the Clash, provide a flame lock button that draws and helps cease butane.

Wulf Mods Clash Torch standing on white display

Wulf torches are an essential component to your sessions as they elevate your dabbing experience to the next level. Generally, torches create stronger, denser vapor production, which leads to bigger clouds to puff and inhale. Without a torch, you will not be able to successfully use a standard rig—the right heat level is important to getting a decent hit.

You’re in luck that the Clash and Warhead torches are in great size for portable use, so you can take your sessions on the go. These Wulf torches are available in nine different spatter styles and colors, including White-Red Spatter, Purple-Black Spatter, and Full Color. Enjoy your dabs with a fiery ignite from the Clash and Warhead torches!