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Rebuildable Atomizers

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  • Lone Wulf RDA Tank by Wulf Mods

    If you're shopping around for a trustworthy RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) tank, there's no reason for you to fret. Wulf Mods has the mighty Lone Wulf RDA Tank waiting for you. This full copper or anodized aluminum offering can make a fantastic addition to your vaping life, to say the least. 


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  • Lone Wulf RDA V1 4 Post by Wulf Mods

    The Lone Wulf RDA V1 4 Post by Wulf Mods is a cloud making beast! Featuring a huge deck, it utilizes its signature three post design which incorporates a deep well. Its center is constructed of copper which increases conductivity and it is squared to prevent spinning when tightening down leads.


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  • Hell Hound RDA by Wulf Mods

    If you want to invest in a brand new atomizer that's the epitome of fine craftsmanship, Wulf Mods is on hand to help you out. We're a leading vaping business that has a reputation for providing customers with top-of-the-line products that can make their lives easier and more convenient.


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  • Lone Wulf RDA Mouthpiece by Wulf Mods

    In crafting and maintaining your ideal mod it is important to give extra consideration to your mouthpiece. A defective mouthpiece can negatively affect your hit and turn your vaporizer into an expensive paperweight.


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Rebuildable Atomizers by Wulf Mods

At Wulf Mods we produce superior vaping products. We strive to make only the best in the vaping industry. We carry many excellent products, including rebuildable atomizers. We use only the best materials and thoroughly test each of our products before distributing them to the public. We work to ensure our customers have the best vaping experiences possible. We consider each of our customers to be like family and work to bring you the best products in the vaping industry. The Lone Wulf RDA and Hell Hound RDA, our rebuildable atomizers, are top of the line and sure to satisfy.

There are many different kinds of vaporizers, including RDAs. RDA stands for rebuildable dripping atomizer. Long ago, in order to get massive clouds and powerful flavors, vapers used RDAs. Today we have sub ohn vaping, and people can get some of the same advantages with sub tanks. However, for some serious vapers, nothing beats the powerful effect of an RDA. 

Inside a typical RDA you will find negative and positive connection points where the coil is inserted. A wick goes through the coil and becomes soaked withoil. The top cap mounts, and then you vape. Though the concept is relatively simple, the designs are many. We think you will appreciate the superior designs of the Hell Hound RDA and the Lone Wulf RDA. 

The Hell Hound RDA by Wulf Mods sports a superior design combined with maximum functionality. It is a high end atomizer in the shape of a square that will provide you with an amazing vaping experience when attached to your choice of 510 threaded mod. The Hell Hound RDA is 24 mm and features a deep 1.5 mL well. It has dual copper center posts with two outer negative posts for increased connectivity. A stainless steel deck is attractive and functional. Several 2.5 mm air holes allow for improved air flow. You can adjust the air flow according to your preference. A slit cut out allows you to insert wires with ease. You will enjoy massive clouds and super vapor with the Hell Hound RDA by Wulf Mods.

The Lone Wulf RDA is another great option for RDA vaping. Designed for use with the Lone Wulf Mechanical Mod, it will work with all 510 threaded mods. The RDA is built with high end materials like copper and aluminum. It includes posts for easy rebuilding and increased connectivity. It has a slit cut out to make wire insertion a snap. Adjustable air flow slits allow you to customize your vaping experience. In addition, a deep well is convenient. Experienced vapers will appreciate the RDA's quality and ease of use.

Wulf Mods brings you the very best in vaping, and our rebuildable atomizers are no exception. The Hell Hound RDA and the Lone Wulf RDA are super options for vapers who enjoy RDA vaping. Get yours today, and become part of the Wulf Mods family.