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One of the most important components in any vaporizer is the atomizer. Whether you build your vape from the ground up, or you buy one from Wulf Mods, you can see your atomizer just beneath the mouth piece.

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Usually made from metal, the atomizer has some type of heating element inside. The Titanium Dome Atomizer 3 pack by Wulf Mods provides you with three new atomizers that you can use with your vaporizers.

The only potential downside to using an atomizer is that it won't last as long as your vaporizer does. A basic atomizer may last for just two weeks or less. Some of the customers who tried out this package in the past found that each one could last for four weeks or longer. The long life of these atomizers comes from the construction, which uses a great grade of titanium. Titanium retains heat better than almost any other type of metal does but won't burn your hand when you touch it.

Another reason why so many customers love this set is because of the dome shape used in its design. While other atomizers feature flat sides, this one has a more unique shape that helps diffuse the oil before it reaches your mouth. With a flat atomizer, you risk the oil heating up faster than you would like and potentially scalding or burning your lips and mouth. This dome shape does an amazing job of heating up the oil to a safe temperature that still delivers all the flavor you expect but without the intense heat that might harm you.

When choosing an atomizer though, you need to keep size in mind. All of the atomizers that come in this pack work with some of the Wulf Mods vaporizers like the Elips and the 510. Each one measures just 7/8 of an inch long and has an outer diameter of 3/8 of an inch. You can check the size of your vaporizer to make sure that these atomizers will work with it, but you should also check the user's manual that came with your vaporizer to get help choosing a replacement part. These atomizers should work with most 510 models.

Those new to vaping might worry about swapping out parts and components, but these atomizers are so easy to use that you should never worry. As atomizers use a screw on design, it's as unscrewing your current atomizer and screwing one of these replacement parts in place. You can do it as little as five minutes or less. When you notice that your vaporizer doesn't heat up as quickly as it did before or that your essential oils taste a little stale, it's time to replace your atomizer. This Titanium Dome Atomizer 3 pack by Wulf Mods will keep you vaping for weeks or even months to come.

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